OUR beliefs

Gluten causes inflammation so we don't use it- 100% GF facility.  

that is why much of our produce is sourced from local organic farms in San Diego.

it needs to be delicious and nutritious

Pesticides and Herbicides are bad for you and our planet.
That is why we opt for organic in all things we do.

We are about 80% organic, with all produce being organic, all the time.  

Pastured is better for the planet and the animals.
That is why we use pastured meats and eggs.


Short Story


Nestled in Encinitas, Rhiana Glor and the team hand-craft and prepare amazing gluten free treats and eats fresh daily. The cafe offers grab-n-go options that you will love! There is a large selection of Paleo & Gluten Free products along side local goodies like sauerkraut, sauces, specialty drinks and more!